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UNHCR: “UNHCR calls for more to be done for Syrian refugees with cancer”

537f3f4f6Medical experts from the UN refugee agency warned in a study that the number of refugees with cancer is overwhelming health systems. The UNHCR calls for more to be done for Syrian refugees with cancer. The picture brings the current situation to mind: Four-year-old Syrian refugee Zacharia lies dying of a brain tumor as his mother gives him water and his siblings look on with love and concern. He had been receiving treatment in Syria, but in Lebanon his health deteriorated dramatically (© UNHCR/L. Addario).

AI: “Syrian refugees in Lebanon desperate for health care amid international apathy”

leb_450According to a new report by Amnesty International  “Agonizing Choices: Syrian refugees in need of health care in Lebanon, a severe shortfall in international support has left many Syrian refugees in Lebanon unable to access crucial medical care. A short report summarizes the current situation. The picture brings to mind that many Syrian refugees in Lebanon cannot afford medical treatment since it is too costly for them (© Amnesty International).