Our work

settings_2According to our statute, the association Acute support for children and adolescents in Lebanon (ASCAL) – founded on the 10th of October, 2012 – set itself to supply needy and sick children and adolescents who are permanently or temporarily residing in Lebanon with quick and efficient help in terms of financial contributions. Here we want to give you an overview about the principles, the work, and the objectives of the association.

Principles of the association:

  • All members of the association work in a voluntary capacity.
  • Donations will only be used for costs of medical treatment that are transferred directly to the hospital.
  • Costs arising within the association’s work (travel costs etc.) are funded by the association’s members and volunteers.
  • Administrative costs are kept as low as possible (2.14 % of total costs in 2013).
  • External services (legally attested translations, legal advice, web hosting etc.) are rendered to the association by our supporters free of charge.

Work of the association:

  • To collect donations for the necessary costs of medical treatment
    via calls for donations, events, and special activities.
  • To maintain public relations in Germany, other European countries and Lebanon
    in the form of lectures, consulting, events, as well as digital media.
  • Local cooperation
    ― with hospitals and NGOs.
  • Non-material support for the children and adolescents in question
    ― via consulting and transfer to other (aid) organizations.
  • Searching for suitable blood donors in case neither the hospital nor the families are able to find a donor for the patient
    ― via the cooperation with Donner Sang Compter or private calls.

Objectives of the association:
In light of the present situation, intensified by the Syrian civil war, our priority is directed towards those children and adolescents who need our support here and now. Our aim is to facilitate a prospect of treatment and recovery through start-up as well as partial financing. Our previous experiences have shown that a commenced therapy usually finds a follow-up funding with other local and international aid organizations as well as with local private donations. With our approach we do not waste valuable time and therefore minimize the risk that the medical condition of the patient worsens severely due to the absence of immediate medical measures.