We Run for Kids

wr4k„We Run for Kids“ is an initiative of ten scientists from the Chair of Sustainable Engineering at Technical University of Berlin which aims at supporting the great work of the non-profit registered organization „Acute support for children and adolescents in Lebanon“ (ASCAL). Therefore, the Team TU Berlin will participate at the company run b2run on the 10th September. The ten members offer to change their identity from scientists to comic-characters, under the condition that 10,000 € are donated. Besides donating, you can support this initiative actively. Simply found your own team and collect some money yourself. This initiative shows how much we can achieve, if we work together for children fleeing the wars in their home countries.

“Syria – Better Days”

Syria - Better DaysSimon Kremer, a journalist working for the Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR) in Hamburg, Germany, who is also a good friend and supporter of our association, decided to offer photographs from his exhibition “Syria – Better Days”, sharing impressions from his time in Syria before the civil war, against a donation. All pictures can be found on Flickr. If you are interested in the exhibits, please contact Simon Kremer directly via email. We are very thankful for Simon’s dedication and send warm greeting to Hamburg by saying: “Dank ok!”

Happy Birthday Myriam!

Happy Birthday Myriam!Little Myriam fell ill with juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia (JMML) when she was just one year old. In October 2012, Acute Support for Children and Adoelscents in Lebanon formed itself to collect donations for Myriam’s urgently needed bone marrow transplant. Thanks to the help and support of many people Myriam was operated two years ago. Today is Myriam’s birthday, she turns four years old. She is fine and healthy and enjoys her time with her newborn little brother Ali. We wish you all the best and love for your birthday little Myriam. Let your friends and family celebrate you, our little heroine!

UNHCR: “UNHCR calls for more to be done for Syrian refugees with cancer”

537f3f4f6Medical experts from the UN refugee agency warned in a study that the number of refugees with cancer is overwhelming health systems. The UNHCR calls for more to be done for Syrian refugees with cancer. The picture brings the current situation to mind: Four-year-old Syrian refugee Zacharia lies dying of a brain tumor as his mother gives him water and his siblings look on with love and concern. He had been receiving treatment in Syria, but in Lebanon his health deteriorated dramatically (© UNHCR/L. Addario).

AI: “Syrian refugees in Lebanon desperate for health care amid international apathy”

leb_450According to a new report by Amnesty International  “Agonizing Choices: Syrian refugees in need of health care in Lebanon, a severe shortfall in international support has left many Syrian refugees in Lebanon unable to access crucial medical care. A short report summarizes the current situation. The picture brings to mind that many Syrian refugees in Lebanon cannot afford medical treatment since it is too costly for them (© Amnesty International).